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VW T25 Project - We just collected this 1987 Holdsworth Conversion , 2 berth,, High Top VW T3 Campervan. I'm trying to work out what to do with it. It is a 1900 Petrol 4 speed. It came off the road as the gearbox has lost 4th gear. However it has now been standing over a year and some rot has set in too. It definitely needs a Gearbox (no 4th and oil pouring out), it needs Welding to both rear arches by the suspension mounts, welding to near side sill and the near side rear suspension arm has a hole in it (see photos). The exhaust is blowing slightly where it joins the head  - it was worse until I bunged a bolt in as a temporary repair. there is rot below most of the windows, The tailgate is good, the cab doors are good, gutters are good and much of the bodywork it good, The engine managed 65 miles in 3rd gear last week and so seems OK. The van is a complete camper, the brakes work and it starts and runs - it needs a good service.. I'm loathed to break it up. Can you save it? Its 1250 no offers.  .... if it sits for a while it may well be broken up.. be quick..  Maybe I will get round to it?         


VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle__37.jpg (274855 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle__34.jpg (243206 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle__35.jpg (306163 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle__36.jpg (239556 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___12.jpg (345757 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___8.jpg (208894 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___1.jpg (303164 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___2.jpg (281085 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___3.jpg (206878 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___4.jpg (250289 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___5.jpg (293335 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___6.jpg (106919 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___7.jpg (222003 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___9.jpg (172379 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___10.jpg (205158 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___11.jpg (199205 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___13.jpg (272325 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___14.jpg (245601 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___15.jpg (177111 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___16.jpg (268456 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___17.jpg (200225 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___18.jpg (359933 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___19.jpg (339020 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___20.jpg (164460 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___21.jpg (276948 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___22.jpg (197125 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___23.jpg (231502 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___24.jpg (224095 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___25.jpg (248394 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___26.jpg (168012 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___27.jpg (228548 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___28.jpg (298396 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___29.jpg (334652 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___30.jpg (317749 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___31.jpg (348588 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___32.jpg (348405 bytes) VW_T25_Camper_van_for_sale_project_t3_vehicle___33.jpg (245980 bytes) 



Porsche 356 Speedster Replica, Body built DJ Sports Cars -  DAX (as in Cobra) in 1985, Built on a full length 1969 1500 Beetle Chassis, It is described as a Californian (Wide arches) but has also been stretched in the sills / doors, It was stretched to allow a rear seat for the owners son, its a 1980s Kit car don't expect it to be posh!, MOT to March 29th 2017 (Happy to renew it for the buyer), Historic Road tax (Free), DVLA have been notified of the changes and decided to describe it as "1500 Convertible" on the V5, 1500cc engine, Disc Brakes up front, Last year it has all new Flexi brake hoses, Front pads, rear wheel cylinders and shoes, The roof is very good and was custom made for it. The car starts, stops and drives, it needs bodywork (Paint has lots of tiny little bubbles in it) and it needs general TLC to make it nicer or you can just use it as is... Like I do. I had more jobs to do but have to sell before then as I just bought a Chesil Speedster! - This is a cheap Speedster - Valued at 12,500 to 15,000 by the Speedster and Spyder club last summer so I am asking 6999. Its a one off LWB Speedster. (The wooden steering wheel is now gone to my new car - sorry) - Contact Via Parts Emporium

Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__1.jpg (270030 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__2.jpg (195785 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__3.jpg (261702 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__4.jpg (226828 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__5.jpg (199603 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__6.jpg (289052 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__7.jpg (251947 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__8.jpg (327403 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__9.jpg (247579 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__10.jpg (291219 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__11.jpg (245741 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__12.jpg (209807 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__13.jpg (283759 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__14.jpg (273207 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__15.jpg (429863 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__16.jpg (211477 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__17.jpg (226974 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__19.jpg (268009 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__21.jpg (357349 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__22.jpg (328490 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__23.jpg (381975 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__24.jpg (281464 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__25.jpg (229287 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__26.jpg (324570 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__27.jpg (392727 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__28.jpg (336067 bytes) Porsche_356_Speedster_replica_for_sale_DAX_cobra__LWB_rear_seat__29.jpg (363182 bytes) porsche_speedster_356_chesil.jpg (324690 bytes) porsche_speedster_356_chesil_interior_1.jpg (242722 bytes) porsche_speedster_356_chesil_interior_2.jpg (222679 bytes) porsche_speedster_356_chesil_interior_3.jpg (269864 bytes) porsche_speedster_356_chesil_interior_4.jpg (126126 bytes) porsche_speedster_356_chesil_interior_5.jpg (172857 bytes) 


1963 Morris Minor Traveller project. 108000 miles, Huge Project, Woodwork looks good, In lots of pieces, Excellent registration number (PEB) - on the assumption it can be retained - The car has had 2 owners, appears to have been stored for nearly 40 years. The last MOT appears to be 1978, The original Buff log book is with the car but it is not showing on DVLA searches so it appears to have never been put on the computerised system. We will be digging it out soon and more information will be available after that. This will not be expensive, but it needs a good home  - Also have 2 NOS front wings to either go with it or separately.. Please make contact via Parts Emporium.

 morris_minor_traveller_project_for_sale.jpg (44384 bytes)


For Sale - Bay Window Camper - 1975 orange and white Devon pop-top camper , 2lt Subaru engine and freeway flyer gearbox fitted by TSR approx 7000 miles ago, up rated front discs, new rear wheel cylinders, new starter motor, 240 volt hook up + leisure battery, MOT till August 15, R&R bed, hob and sink.  11,750 ono  - Van is near Aylesbury - Please email us for contact details. 

small_VW_Bay_Window_for_sale_subaru_engine_conversion_tsr__1.JPG (219542 bytes) small_VW_Bay_Window_for_sale_subaru_engine_conversion_tsr__4.JPG (249469 bytes) small_VW_Bay_Window_for_sale_subaru_engine_conversion_tsr__5.JPG (249276 bytes) small_VW_Bay_Window_for_sale_subaru_engine_conversion_tsr__6.JPG (231852 bytes) small_VW_Bay_Window_for_sale_subaru_engine_conversion_tsr__2.JPG (272548 bytes) small_VW_Bay_Window_for_sale_subaru_engine_conversion_tsr__3.JPG (221908 bytes)



We often have vehicles for sale that are either Projects or Runners with potential to be made beautiful... our aim is to provide you with Vehicles to suit your budget, anything from a 500 Wreck to a Beautiful Split Screen Camper... We will be as honest as we possibly can with our descriptions, but are unfortunately unable to offer warranties for these 10 - 60 year old vehicles.... if you have a question, just ask!  Also if you have an old VW to sell... please let me know - Thank you.




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