I'm a bloke with a VW Problem...  

email oval AT vwoval.co.uk  if you need to contact me... 

I'm forever on the look out for a new project! I love saving old Volkswagens.

If you have an old VW stashed away somewhere, maybe I can save it? 


Some of my VW Oval Beetle stories... 




  - Sadly now sold (You cant keep them all!).

- not an Oval!

also not an Oval... and also not a 1959...   

1972 1300 Deluxe   - Not an Oval but a nice low mileage original car - now with Friends.

1973 1300 Deluxe   - A Late model car in need of Love - Now in (regular ish) use .

 1966 Karmann Convertible USA 1300    - Its got an Ovalish rear screen



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