Swedish 1953 LHD Oval...  


This 1953 Oval has been with me since February 2002, I bought it cheaply off the Total VW Forums ... the guy had bought it, had work done on it and it was MOT'd, registered and Taxed... but didn't have any number plates... I drove it home in the dark and rain round the M25 with no number plates... 

It is LHD and came from Sweden... but Sweden was RHD back then... so I assume it came from some where else before that.....

I use it for a bit and enjoyed it. Then about at the begining of 2006 I raised the back up and built a brand new 1641 for it (from scratch) and fitted baby dells... then I moved house.. so the engine sat where the passenger seat should be for 1 1/2 years.... July 2007 I fitted the engine and MOT'd it again... it over heated on the way to and from the Show & Shine and then sat till this June 2008 as I didn't find the time to look at it...

so I dug it out, checked it over ... and it still over heated on the way to club night..  turns out it was running weak ... so a quick tweak of the carbs and off it went... I went to the Lavenham show ... and all was good... :mrgreen:

It doesn't get lots of use... it has traficators and heart brake lights... and no seat belts... :o

October 2007 -   I bought the Original 5 Lug Sprintstar wheels off ebay... for lots of money... although I'm told they were cheap! They are gold and appear to have been from new... 

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May 21st 2010

the MOT ran out last summer... - So, no rush...

The tax runs out at the end of this month...

Yesterday evening I fitted a new Fuel line as the one that was fitted new with the 1641 was already leaking!

And today I jacked it up to have a look and do Pre MOT checks / Greasing..

Maybe next week it will be back on the road?


Knebworth 2010


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July 11th 2010

 The old gilrl took dave and I to Peppercorn and back today... about 190 mile round trip in this heat...

1641 Twin carbs and averaged 30mpg ... not bad!

Some pics from The show..

Notice the new front Bosch spot picked up at the knebworth show...

And the 3rd Brake light under the rear bumper..


July 12th 2010

This afternoon I have changed the oil and Adjusted points and tappets.

Its now officially run in ...



May 24th 2013 - Just changed the fuel lines (Again - more leakage! - they don't make fuel line like they used to!)


July 2017 - Trip To the Ace Cafe 

IMG_1370.JPG (2149934 bytes)  

July 2017 - Cranfield Classic Car show. It stalled and died when I got home ... wont re start.. old cars eh?  
IMG_1278.JPG (2661566 bytes) IMG_1306.JPG (2905086 bytes) 

Carburettor problems means it is parked up for now.. I'll find time to fix it one day



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