UK Registration Areas

(From mid 1960's to Before they changed to the new XX55XXX style)


These refer to the last 2 digits in your number plate ... for example OMJ912H .. you need to look up MJ (its Luton)


Registration Letters Place of Origin Comments
A London County Council Pre '63 
AA Bournemouth C.C.  
AB Worcestershire C.C.  
AC Warwick C.C. Coventry
AD Gloucestershire C.C.  
AE Bristol C.B.C.  
AF Cornwall C.C. Truro
AG Ayr C.C.  
AH Norfolk C.C.  
AI County Meath C.C.  
AJ North Riding of Yorkshire C.C. Middlesburgh
AK Bradford C.B.C. Sheffield
AL Nottinghamshire C.C.  
AM Wiltshire C.C. Swindon
AN West Ham C.B.C MAN used in Isle of Man
AO Cumberland C.C. Carlisle
AP East Sussex C.C. Brighton
AQ not used --  
AR Hertford C.C. Chelmsford
AS Nairn C.C. Inverness
AT Hull C.B.C.  
AU Nottingham C.B.C.  
AV Aberdeenshire  C.C. Peterborough
AW Salop C.C. Shrewsbury
AX Monmouth C.C. Cardiff
AY Leicestershire C.C.  
AZ Belfast C.B.C.  
B Lancashire C.C.  
BA Salford C.B.C. Manchester
BB Newcastle Upon Tyne C.B.C.  
BC Leicester C.B.C.  
BD Northamptonshire C.C.  
BE parts of Lindsey (Lincolnshire C.C.) Lincoln
BF Staffordshire C.C.  
BG Birkenhead C.C. Liverpool
BH Buckinghamshire C.C. Luton
BI County Monaghan C.C.  
BJ East Suffolk C.C. Ipswich
BK Portsmouth C.B.C.  
BL Berkshire C.C. Reading
BM Bedford C.C. Luton
BN Bolton C.B.C. Manchester
BO Cardiff C.B.C.  
BP West Sussex  C.C. Portsmouth
BQ not used --  
BR Sunderland C.B.C. Newcastle upon Tyne
BS Orkney C.C. Aberdeen
BT East Riding of Yorkshire C.C. Leeds
BU Oldham C.B.C. Manchester
BV Blackburn C.B.C. Preston
BW Oxfordshire C.C.  
BX Carmarthenshire C.C. Haverfordwest
BY Croydon C.B.C. London (North and West)
BZ County Down C.C.  
C West Riding Of Yorkshire C.C.  
CA Denbigh C.C. Chester
CB Blackburn C.B.C. Manchester
CC Caernarvon C.C. Bangor
CD Brighton C.B.C.  
CE Cambridge C.C. Peterborough
CF West Suffolk C.C. Reading
CG Hampshire C.C. Bournemouth
CH Derby C.B.C. Nottingham
CI County Laoihgis C.C. (formerly Queens County)
CJ Hereford C.C. Gloucester
CK Preston C.B.C.  
CL Norwich C.B.C.  
CM Birkenhead C. B.C. Liverpool
CN Gateshead C.B.C. Newcastle upon Tyne
CO Plymouth  C.B.C. Exeter
CP Halifax C.B.C. Huddersfield
CQ not used --  
CR Southampton C.B.C. Portsmouth
CS Ayr C.C. Glasgow
CT parts of Kesteven (Lincolnshire C.C.) Lincoln
CU South Shields C.B.C. Newcastle upon Tyne
CV Cornwall C.C. Truro
CW Burnley C.B.C. Preston
CX Huddersfield C.B.C.  
CY Swansea C.B.C. SCY used in Isle of Scilly from 1971 - prior to this was Swansea
CZ Belfast C.B.C.  x
D Kent C.C.  
DA Wolverhampton C.B.C. Birmingham
DB Stockport C.B.C. Manchester
DC Middlesbrough C.B.C.  
DD Gloucestershire C.C.  
DE Pembroke C.C. Haverfordwest
DF Gloucestershire C.C.  
DG Gloucestershire C.C.  
DH Walsall C.B.C. Dudley
DI County Roscommon C.C.  
DJ St Helens C.B.C. Liverpool
DK Rochdale C.B.C. Manchester
DL Isle of Wight C.C. Portsmouth
DM Flint C.C. Chester
DN York C.B.C. Leeds
DO parts of Holland (Lincolnshire C.C.) Lincoln
DP Reading C.B.C.  
DQ not used --  
DR Plymouth C.B.C. Exeter
DS Peebles C.C. Glasgow
DT Doncaster C.B.C. Sheffield
DU Coventry C.B.C.  
DV Devon C.C. Exeter
DW Newport (Monmouthshire C.C.) Cardiff
DX Ipswich C.B.C.  
DY Hastings C.B.C. Brighton
DZ County Antrim C.C.  
E Staffordshire C.C.  
EA West Bromwich C.B.C. Dudley
EB Isle of Ely C.C. Peterborough
EC Westmorland C.C. Preston
ED Warrington C.B.C. Liverpool
EE Grimsby C.B.C. Lincoln
EF West Hartlepool C.B.C. Middlesbrough
EG Peterborough C.C.  
EH Stoke On Trent C.B.C.  
EI County Sligo C.C.  
EJ Cardigan C.C. Haverfordwest
EK Wigan C.B.C. Liverpool
EL Bournemouth C.B.C.  
EM Bootle C.B.C. Liverpool
EN Bury C.B.C. Manchester
EO Barrow-in-Furness C.B.C. Preston
EP Montgomery C.C. Swansea
EQ not used --  
ER Cambridge C.C. Peterborough
ES Perth C.C. Dundee
ET Rotherham C.B.C. Sheffield
EU Breconshire C.C. Bristol
EV Essex C.C. Chelmsford
EW Huntingdon C.C. Peterborough
EX Great Yarmouth C.B.C. Norwich
EY Anglesey C.C. Bangor
EZ Belfast C.B.C.  
F Essex C.C.  
FA Burton On Trent C.B.C. Stoke on Trent
FB Bath C.B.C. Bristol
FC Oxford C.B.C.  
FD Dudley C.B.C.  
FE Lincoln C.B.C.  
FF Merioneth C.C. Bangor
FG Fife C.C.  
FH Gloucester C.B.C.  
FI County Tipperary C.C. (North Riding)
FJ Exeter C.B.C.  
FK Worcester C.B.C. Dudley
FL Peterborough C.C.  
FM Chester C.B.C.  
FN Canterbury C.B.C. Maidstone
FO Radnor C.C.  
FP Rutland C.C.  
FQ not used --  
FR Blackpool C.B.C. Preston
FS Edinburgh B.C.  
FT Tynemouth C.B.C. Newcastle Upon Tyne
FU parts of Lindsey (Lincolnshire C.C.) Lincoln
FV Blackpool C.B.C. Preston
FW parts of Lindsey (Lincolnshire C.C.) Lincoln
FX Dorset C.C. Bournemouth
FY Southport C.B.C. Liverpool
FZ Belfast C.B.C.  
G Glasgow B.C.  
GA Glasgow B.C.  
GB Glasgow B.C.  
GC London C.C. London (South-West)
GD Glasgow B.C.  
GE Glasgow B.C.  
GF London C.C. London (South-West)
GG Glasgow B.C.  
GH London C.C. London (South-West)
GI County Tipperary (South Riding)
GJ London C.C. (London South-West)
GK London C.C. London (South-West)
GL Bath C.C.  
GM Motherwell & Wishaw B.C.  
GN London C.C. London (South-West)
GO London C.C. London (South-West)
GP London C.C. London (South-West)
GQ not used --  
GR Sunderland  C.B.C. Newcastle Upon Tyne
GS Perth C.C.  
GT London C.C. London (South-West)
GU London C.C. London (South-East)
GV West Suffolk C.C. Ipswich
GW London C.C. London (South-East)
GX London C.C. London (South-East)
GY London C.C. London (South-East)
GZ Belfast C.B.C.  
H Middlesex C.C. London
HA Smethwick C.B.C. Dudley
HB Merthyr Tydfil C.B.C. Cardiff
HC Eastbourne C.B.C. Brighton
HD Dewsbury  C.B.C. Huddersfield
HE Barnsley C.B.C. Sheffield
HF Wallasey C.B.C. Liverpool
HG Burnley C.B.C. Preston
HH Carlisle C.B.C.  
HI County Tipperary C.C. (South Riding)
HJ Southend-on-Sea C.B.C. Chelmsford
HK Essex C.C. Chelmsford
HL Wakefield C.B.C. Sheffield
HM East Ham C.B.C. London (Central)
HN Darlington C.B.C. Middlesbrough
HO Southampton C.C. Bournemouth
HP Coventry C.B.C.  
HR Wiltshire C.C. Swindon
HS Renfrew C.C. Glasgow
HT Bristol C.B.C.  
HU Bristol C.B.C.  
HV East Ham C.B.C. London (Central)
HW Bristol C.B.C.  
HX Middlesex C.C.  
HY Bristol C.B.C.  
HZ County Tyrone C.C.  
IA County Antrim C.C.  
IB County Armagh C.C.  
IC County Carlow C.C.  
ID County Cavan C.C.  
IE County Clare C.C.  
IF County Cork C.C.  
IG not used --  
IH County Donegal C.C.  
II not used --  
IJ County Down C.C.  
IK County Dublin C.C.  
IL County Fermanagh C.C.  
IM County Galway C.C.  
IN County Kerry C.C.  
IO County Kildare C.C.  
IP County Kilkenny C.C.  
IQ not used --  
IR Offaly  C.C.  
IS County Mayo ?? ??
IT County Leitrim C.C.  
IU County Limerick C.C.  
IV County Limerick ?? ??
IW County Londonderry C.C. (Derry)
IX County Longford C.C.  
IY County Louth C.C.  
IZ County Mayo C.C.  
J Durham C.C.  
JA Stockport C.B.C. Manchester
JB Berkshire C.C. Reading
JC Caernarvon C.C. Bangor
JD West Ham C.C. London (Central)
JE Isle of Ely C.C. Peterborough
JF Leicester C.B.C.  
JG Canterbury C.B.C. Maidstone
JH Hertford C.C. Reading
JI County Tyrone C.C.  
JJ London C.C. Maidstone
JK Eastbourne C.B.C. Brighton
JL parts of Holland (Lincolnshire C.C.) Lincoln
JM Westmorland  C.C.  
JN Southend C.B.C. Chelmsford
JO Oxford C.B.C.  
JP Wigan C.B.C. Liverpool
JQ not used --  
JR Northumberland C.C. Newcastle Upon Tyne
JS Ross and Cromarty  C.C. Inverness
JT Dorset C.C. Bournemouth
JU Leicestershire C.C.  
JV Grimsby C.B.C. Lincoln
JW Wolverhampton C.B.C. Birmingham
JX Halifax C.B.C. Huddersfield
JY Plymouth C.B.C. Exeter
JZ County Down C.C.  
K Liverpool C.B.C.  
KA Liverpool C.B.C.  
KB Liverpool C.B.C.  
KC Liverpool C.B.C.  
KD Liverpool C.B.C.  
KE Kent C.C. Maidstone
KF Liverpool C.B.C.  
KG Cardiff C.B.C.  
KH Hull C.B.C Kingston-upon-Hull
KI County Waterford C.C.  
KJ Kent C.C. Maidstone
KK Kent C.C. Maidstone
KL Kent C.C. Maidstone
KM Kent C.C. Maidstone
KN Kent C.C. Maidstone
KO Kent C.C. Maidstone
KP Kent C.C. Maidstone
KQ not used --  
KR Kent C.C. Maidstone
KS Roxburgh C.C. Edinburgh
KT Kent C.C. Maidstone
KU Bradford C.B.C. Sheffield
KV Coventry C.B.C.  
KW Bradford C.B.C. Sheffield
KX Buckinghamshire C.C. Luton
KY Bradford C.B.C. Sheffield
KZ County Antrim C.C.  
L   Glamorgan CC
LA London C.C. London (North-West)
LB London C.C. London (North-West)
LC London C.C. London (North-West)
LD London C.C. London (North-West)
LE London C.C. London (North-West)
LF London C.C. London (North-West)
LG Cheshire C.C. Chester
LH London C.C. London (North-West)
LI County Westmeath C.C.  
LJ Bournemouth C.B.C.  
LK London C.C. London (North-West)
LL London C.C. London (North-West)
LM London C.C. London (North-West)
LN London C.C. London (North-West)
LO London C.C. London (North-West)
LP London C.C. London (North-West)
LQ not used --  
LR London C.C. London (North-West)
LS Selkirk  C.C. Edinburgh
LT London C.C. London (North-West)
LU London C.C. London (North-West)
LV Liverpool C.B.C.  
LW London C.C. London (North-West)
LX London C.C. London (North-West)
LY London C.C. London (North-West)
LZ County Armagh C.C.  
MA Cheshire C.C.  
MB Cheshire C.C. Chester
MC Middlesex C.C. London Middlesex
MD Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
ME Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
MF Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
MG Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
MH Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
MI Wexford C.C. County Wexford
MJ Bedford C.C. Luton
MK Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
ML Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
MM Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
MN Isle of Man  
MO Berkshire C.C. Reading
MP Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
MQ not used --  
MR Wiltshire C.C. Swindon
MS Stirling C.C. Edinburgh
MT Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
MU Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
MV Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
MW Wiltshire C.C. Swindon
MX Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
MY Middlesex C.C. London (North-East)
MZ Belfast C.B.C.  
N Manchester CBC  
NA Manchester C.B.C.  
NB Manchester C.B.C.  
NC Manchester C.B.C.  
ND Manchester C.B.C.  
NE Manchester C.B.C.  
NF Manchester C.B.C.  
NG Norfolk C.C. Norwich 
NH Northampton C.B.C.  
NI County Wicklow C.C.  
NJ East Sussex C.C. Brighton
NK Hertford C.C. Luton
NL Northumberland C.B.C. Newcastle Upon Tyne
NM Bedford C.C. Luton
NN Nottinghamshire C.C.  
NO Essex C.C. Chelmsford
NP Worcestershire C.C.  
NQ not used --  
NR Leicestershire C.C.  
NS Sutherland C.C.  
NT Salop C.C. Shrewsbury
NU Derbyshire C.C. Nottingham
NV Northamptonshire C.C.  
NW Leeds C.B.C.  
NX Warwick C.C. Dudley
NY Glamorgan C.C. Cardiff
NZ County Londonderry C.C. Derry
O Birmingham C.B.C.  
OA Birmingham C.B.C.  
OB Birmingham C.B.C.  
OC Birmingham C.B.C.  
OD Devon C.C.  
OE Birmingham C.B.C.  
OF Birmingham C.B.C.  
OG Birmingham C.B.C.  
OH Birmingham C.B.C.  
OI Belfast C.B.C.  
OJ Birmingham C.B.C.  
OK Birmingham C.B.C.  
OL Birmingham C.B.C.  
OM Birmingham C.B.C.  
ON Birmingham C.B.C.  
OO Essex C.C. Chelmsford
OP Birmingham C.B.C.  
OQ not used  
OR Hampshire C.C. Portsmouth
OS Wigtown C.C.  
OT Hampshire C.C. Portsmouth
OU Hampshire C.C.  
OV Birmingham C.B.C.  
OW Southampton  C.B.C. Portsmouth
OX Birmingham C.B.C.  
OY Croydon C.B.C. London (North-West)
OZ Belfast C.B.C.  
P Surrey CC  
PA Surrey C.C. Guildford
PB Surrey C.C. Guildford
PC Surrey C.C. Guildford
PD Surrey C.C. Guildford
PE Surrey C.C. Guildford
PF Surrey C.C. Guildford
PG Surrey C.C. Guildford
PH Surrey C.C. Guildford
PI Cork C.B.C.  
PJ Surrey C.C. Guildford
PK Surrey C.C. Guildford
PL Surrey C.C. Guildford
PM East Sussex C.C.  
PN East Sussex C.C.  
PO West Sussex C.C. Portsmouth (used on GPO (Post Office vehicles))
PP Buckinghamshire C.C. Luton
PQ not used --  
PR Dorset C.C. Bournemouth
PS Zetland C.C.  
PT Durham C.C. Newcastle Upon Tyne
PU Essex C.C. Chelmsford
PV Ipswich C.B.C.  
PW Norfolk C.C. Norwich
PX West Sussex C.C. Portsmouth
PY North Riding of Yorkshire C.C. Middlesbrough
PZ Belfast C.B.C.  
R Derbyshire CC  
RA Derbyshire C.C. Nottingham
RB Derbyshire C.C. Nottingham
RC Derby C.B.C.  
RD Reading C.B.C.  
RE Staffordshire C.C. Stoke On Trent
RF Staffordshire C.C. Stoke On Trent
RG Aberdeen B.C.  
RH Kingston-upon-Hull C.B.C. Hull
RI County Dublin C.B.C.  
RJ Salford C.B.C. Manchester
RK Croydon C.B.C. London (North-West)
RL Cornwall C.C. Truro
RM Cumberland C.C. Carlisle
RN Preston C.B.C.  
RO Hertford C.C. Luton
RP Northamptonshire C.C.  
RQ not used --  
RR Nottinghamshire C.C.  
RS Aberdeen B.C.  
RT East Suffolk C.C. Ipswich
RU Bournemouth C.B.C.  
RV Portsmouth C.B.C.  
RW Coventry C.B.C.  
RX Berkshire C.C. Reading
RY Leicester C.B.C.  
RZ County Antrim C.C.  
S Edinburgh BC  
SA Aberdeenshire C.C.  
SB Argyll C.C. Glasgow
SC Edinburgh B.C.  
SD Ayr C.C. Glasgow
SE Banff C.C. Aberdeen
SF Edinburgh B.C.  
SG Edinburgh B.C.  
SH Berwick C.C. Edinburgh
SI ?? not used ??  
SJ Bute C.C. Glasgow
SK Caithness C.C. Inverness
SL Clackmannan C.C. Dundee
SM Dumfries C.C. Carlisle
SN Dumbarton C.C.  
SO Moray C.C. Aberdeen
SP Fife C.C. Dundee
SQ not used --  
SR Angus C.C. Dundee
SS East Lothian C.C.  
ST Inverness C.C.  
SU Kincardine C.C.  
SV Kinross C.C.  
SW Kircudbright C.C. Carlisle
SX West Lothian C.C. Edinburgh
SY Midlothian C.C.  
SZ County Down C.C.  
T Devon C.C.  
TA Devon C.C. Exeter
TB Lancashire C.C.  
TC Lancashire C.C.  
TD Lancashire C.C.  
TE Lancashire C.C.  
TF Lancashire C.C.  
TG Glamorgan C.C. Cardiff
TH Carmarthen C.C. Swansea
TI Limerick C.B.C.  
TJ Lancashire C.C.  
TK Dorset C.C. Exeter
TL parts of Kesteven (Lincolnshire) C.C. Lincolnshire
TM Bedford C.C. Luton
TN Newcastle Upon Tyne C.B.C.  
TO Nottingham C.B.C.  
TP Portsmouth C.B.C.  
TQ not used --  
TR Southampton C.B.C. Portsmouth
TS Dundee B.C.  
TT Devon C.C. Exeter
TU Cheshire C.C. Chester
TV Nottingham C.B.C.  
TW Essex C.C. Chelmsford
TX Glamorgan C.C. Cardiff
TY Northumberland C.C. Newcastle Upon Tyne
TZ Belfast C.B.C.  
U Leeds C.B.C.  
UA Leeds C.B.C.  
UB Leeds C.B.C.  
UC London C.C. (Central)
UD Oxfordshire C.C. Oxford
UE Warwick C.C. Dudley
UF Brighton C.B.C.  
UG Leeds C.B.C.  
UH Cardiff C.B.C.  
UI County Londonderry C.B.C. Derry
UJ Salop C.C. Shrewsbury
UK Wolverhampton C.B.C. Birmingham
UL London C.C. (Central)
UM Leeds C.B.C.  
UN Denbigh C.C.  
UO Devon C.C. Exeter
UP Durham C.C. Newcastle Upon Tyne
UQ not used  
UR Herts   
US Glasgow B.C.  
USN London C.C.  
UT Leicestershire C.C.  
UU London C.C. (Central)
UV London C.C. (Central)
UW London C.C. (Central)
UX Salop C.C. Shrewsbury
UY Worcestershire C.C.  
UZ Belfast C.B.C.  
V Lanark C.C. Lanarkshire
VA Lanark C.C.  
VB Croydon C.B.C.  
VC Coventry C.B.C.  
VD Lanark C.C.  
VE Cambridge C.C. Peterborough
VF Norfolk C.C. Norwich
VG Norwich C.B.C.  
VH Huddersfield C.B.C.  
VI not used  
VJ Hereford C.C. Gloucester
VK Newcastle Upon Tyne C.B.C.  
VL Lincoln C.B.C.  
VM Manchester C.B.C.  
VN North Riding of Yorkshire C.C. Middlesbrough
VO Nottinghamshire C.C.  
VP Birmingham C.B.C.  
VQ not used --  
VR Manchester C.B.C.  
VS Greenock B.C.  
VT Stoke On Trent C.B.C.  
VU Manchester C.B.C.  
VV Northampton C.B.C.  
VW Essex C.C. Chelmsford
VX Essex C.C. Chelmsford
VY York C.B.C.  
VZ County Tyrone C.C.  
W Sheffield C.B.C.  
WA Sheffield C.B.C.  
WB Sheffield C.B.C.  
WC Essex C.C. Chelmsford
WD Warwick C.C. Dudley
WE Sheffield C.B.C.  
WF East Riding of Yorkshire C.C.  
WG Stirling C.C.  
WH Bolton C.B.C. Manchester
WI Waterford C.B.C.  
WJ Sheffield C.B.C.  
WK Coventry C.B.C.  
WL Oxford C.B.C.  
WM Southport C.B.C. Liverpool
WN Swansea C.B.C.  
WO Monmouth C.C. Cardiff
WP Worcestershire C.C.  
WQ not used --  
WR West Riding of Yorkshire C.C. Leeds
WS Edinburgh B.C.  
WT West Riding of Yorkshire C.C. Leeds
WU West Riding of Yorkshire C.C. Leeds
WV Wiltshire C.C.  
WW West Riding of Yorkshire C.C. Leeds
WX West Riding of Yorkshire C.C. Leeds
WY West Riding of Yorkshire C.C. Leeds
WZ Belfast C.B.C.  
X Northumberland C.C.  
XA London C.C. (also Kirkcaldy C.C.) !!
XB London C.C.
XC London C.C.
XD London C.C.
XE London C.C.
XF London C.C.
XG Middlesbrough C.B.C.
XH London C.C.
XI Belfast C.B.C.  
XJ Manchester C.B.C.
XK London C.C.  
XL London C.C.  
XM London C.C.
XN London C.C.
XO London C.C.
XP London C.C.
XR London C.C.
XS Paisley B.C.
XT London C.C.
XU London C.C.  
XV London C.C.
XW London C.C.
XX London C.C.
XY London C.C.
XZ County Armagh C.C.  
Y Somerset C.C.  
YA Somerset C.C. Taunton
YB Somerset C.C. Taunton
YC Somerset C.C. Taunton
YD Somerset C.C. Taunton
YE London C.C. (Central)
YF London C.C. (Central)
YG West Riding of Yorkshire C.C. Leeds
YH London C.C. (Central)
YI County Dublin C.C.  
YJ Dundee C.C.  
YK London C.C. (Central)
YL London C.C. (Central)
YM London C.C. (Central)
YN London C.C. (Central)
YO London C.C. (Central)
YP London C.C. (Central)
YQ not used --  
YR London C.C. (Central)
YS Glasgow B.C. Glasgow buses used to be FYS
YT London C.C. (Central)
YU London C.C. (Central)
YV London C.C. (Central)
YW London C.C. (Central)
YX London C.C. (Central)
YY London C.C. (Central)
YZ County Londonderry C.C.  
Z County Dublin C.C.  
ZA Dublin C.B.C.  
ZB County Cork C.C.  
ZC Dublin C.B.C.  
ZD Dublin C.B.C.  
ZE County Dublin C.C.  
ZF Cork C.B.C.  
ZG ?? ??  
ZH Dublin C.B.C.  
ZI Dublin  C.B.C.  
ZJ Dublin C.B.C.  
ZK County Cork C.C.  
ZL County Dublin C.B.C.  
ZM County Galway C.C.  
ZN County Meath C.C.  
ZO County Dublin C.C.  
ZP County Donegal C.C.  
ZQ not used --  
ZR County Wexford C.C.  
ZS County Dublin ?? ??
ZT County Cork C.C.  
ZU County Dublin C.C.  
ZV County Dublin ?? ??
ZW County Kildare C.C.  
ZX County Kerry C.C.  
ZY County Louth C.C.  
ZZ Dublin C.C. Council of any county adjoining Northern Ireland: Royal Irish Automobile Club, Dublin: The Automobile Association, Dublin.

Abbreviations used:-

C.C. = County Council

C.B.C. = County Borough Council

B.C. = Burgh Council


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